Jane practices Transformational Energy Medicine, aligning the body to spirit. The applications are many and diverse: Dietary Testing, Detox Cleanse, Weight Loss, Skin Health, Post-Surgery Scar Therapy, Gluten-Free Repatterning. An energetic approach releases underlying mental and emotional patterns that block your body’s desire for total health. Being totally quiet, listening to the body’s innate intelligence, invites powerful shifts that restore the original blueprint of health.



What is Transformational Energy Medicine?

At some time in their life every living person has experienced a beautiful feeling of joy and completeness in their body. The opposite is when we experience dis-ease, or “dis-integration” in the union of body and spirit.

Transformational Healing is a marriage between Heaven and Earth in the body. It is a feeling of “coming home”. Its power comes from silence, listening, allowing the wisdom of the body to shine.

Jane is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, licensed Accunect practitioner, certified 3rd degree Reiki Master, MogaDao Qigong Guide, MogaDao Sacred Sexuality Instructor, and MBA.

A lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Trika meditation for over 40 years, Jane brings an ability to quietly observe and listen deeply without judgment or opinion. This approach is communicated to the client, allowing the treatment to be free of preconceptions or limiting thoughts. Thus powerful healing shifts can take place naturally, without effort or invasion.

Jane’s journey to healing has been circuitous and surprising. A trained chef, MBA, CFO of Rudi’s Bakery, opera diva, and Venetian glass jewelry designer, Jane’s personal health challenges including cancer, multiple food and chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, total adrenal failure, digestive collapse, frozen shoulders, and shingles, give her a unique perspective on healing.

Energy Medicine is Powerful

A safe and non-invasive therapy, Energy Medicine communicates directly with the body, to find out what is at the core of your symptoms. It can find underlying causes of illness such as allergies, anxiety, pain, depression, or weight gain, leaving you feeling free & lighter.

Energy Medicine is a complete stand-alone health system personalized for you. Or you can combine it seamlessly with other healing methods to increase their effectiveness. Jane’s Energy Medicine is a synthesis of ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, with cutting edge clinical kinesiology, muscular biofeedback, to observe your body’s condition and determine the most important areas to address right now. Energy Medicine can profoundly improve your health very quickly without needles, drugs, or machines.

Energy Medicine is deeply relaxing. It balances your tissues and organ systems on a cellular level. An effective tool for complete health care, it can boost your own innate body functioning, so that you can enjoy life and be free of pain.

Energy Medicine is especially effective at resolving health issues at an early stage before diagnosis, to maintain health before illness manifests. It can address most health issues, especially those rooted in time, habits, old emotions, and complex interactions in life. Energy medicine also treats acute issues such as

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • PMS
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Post-Surgery Scars
  • Poor Circulation
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Breaking Old Habits
  • Family Tensions
  • Back Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • First Aid After An Accident

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Jane’s Books and Websites

“You are what you eat.” says Jane. Her two cookbooks are chock-full of paradigm-breaking recipes for delicious, transformational food. They’re perfect for people on alternative diets, for folks who want to be healthy, and of course for everyone on the planet.

All of Jane’s recipes are free of gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, GMO’s, and processed ingredients. Drawing on her creative spirit and her training as a chef, Jane invents hundreds of recipes so flavorful no one would ever guess they’re “health food”.

Jane’s websites are a major resource for free gluten-free recipes, transformational tips, and healing wisdom.






2-Week Spring Cleanse

Detoxing can make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. Even better, it can boost your energy levels, improve digestion, aid sleep, and help you shed a few unwanted pounds.

The objective of this program is to help you restart your life. Not a quick fix for weight loss, the role of a detox program is to take the stress off the detox organs – your liver, kidneys, and intestines – while at the same time supporting and improving their function. Although it may look like a fad diet – eliminating grains, no alcohol, no milk, no sugar, and no dairy, this detox plan is a fast track to health, to give your body a break and start fresh in the new season. A proven program, safe and effective, it will give you greater mental clarity, and leave you feeling lighter and younger. You may choose a DIY program with one appointment and no follow-up. Or you may choose the comprehensive program, which includes 2 appointments and a daily phone consultation.

  • Energetic Clearing, Mental RePatterning
  • Inexpensive DIY protocol
  • Personalized for you
  • Detox Foods
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Herbal Teas
  • Breathing
  • Hydration
  • Cleansing Recipes


4-week Personalized Weight Loss

A proven plan specifically tailored for your body, the first appointment includes a consultation and mental re-patterning for success, to dissolve any mental or emotional blocks to weight loss. I test for specific problem foods or allergens, and help you clarify your intentions for your desired weight loss. You will receive easy menus, recipes, and a shopping list. You may choose a DIY plan with one appointment, or a more comprehensive plan of three appointments with follow-up calls.

  • Mental Re-Patterning around weight & digestion
  • No wheat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, GMO foods
  • Daily support & motivation
  • No calorie counting
  • No deprivation
  • Delicious menus
  • Easy recipes
  • Daily walking


Gluten-free Diet RePatterning     

This personalized program helps you eliminate wheat and gluten foods from your diet without pain or deprivation. A cutting edge concept utilizing the latest discoveries about gluten and human digestion, it will assist your transition to healthier habits in shopping, food preparation, and enjoying your meals. It takes just 3 weeks, however it is more of a permanent lifestyle plan. Most people find that they lose weight easily, keep it off, have more energy, and better digestion. You may choose a DIY plan with one appointment, or a comprehensive plan of three appointments with daily follow-up calls.

  • Test for your Gluten Cross-Reactors
  • Establish Optimum Meal Habits
  • Adjustment of Old Thought Patterns
  • Inexpensive DIY Plan
  • Specific Foods to Eat
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Gluten-free Shopping
  • Gluten-free Recipes
  • Personalized program

Post Surgery Scar Therapy

One of the least understood aspects of health care is the treatment of scars after surgery or trauma. Scars are a kind of connective tissue that forms to heal any wound. Scars of any size can often block the flow of energy along the meridian pathways, which inhibits the function of all areas supported by that meridian. When one meridian is out of balance, all the energy pathways in the body become compromised, and health suffers. There are 12 major and 8 extra meridians that run the entire length of the body. Even a small scar or incision can affect a seemingly distant and unrelated part or function in the body, particularly if the two points are connected on the same acupuncture meridian.

Jane uses an energetic approach called “bridging” to release scar tissue and restore the flow of Qi, or vital energy to the rest of the body. Scars can be reduced in thickness, length, or even disappear. Best done right after surgery, excellent results can also be achieved decades later.


Deep Skin Beauty Program

This 3-week program is personalized to your skin type and body chemistry, for you to do at home. It goes directly to the deep roots of health and true beauty, for a lifetime of smooth, sexy skin. You can go to a spa and spend thousands of dollars on expensive creams without addressing the true causes of poor skin. Instead, this program uses ancient beauty secrets and all natural ingredients. It saves you money and gives you a lifetime of powerful anti-aging techniques for life-long beauty.

  • Homemade masks remove toxins & brighten skin
  • Mental re-patterning for skin and body image
  • Inexpensive DIY Instructions
  • Anti-Aging Foods
  • Combat New Mexico dryness
  • Testing for Allergens in products
  • Stress Reduction
  • Personalized for your body chemistry & skin type


DRM – Dietary Reset Method

Every person’s digestion is unique. Surprisingly, there is no single diet that’s best for all of us. When a digestive imbalance occurs, it is essential to address its underlying roots. These roots are often myriad factors such as specific foods, microbes, chemicals, toxins, deficiencies, stress, emotions, intolerances, hormones, enzymes, electro-magnetic fields, past traumas, genetics, and environmental factors. In order to re-establish balance we must address these factors in the appropriate sequence for the body to respond

What is YOUR personal optimum diet? Is it Gluten-free? Is it an Anti-Inflammatory diet? How about the Paleo Diet? Or is it something in-between? Does your body tolerate dairy or eggs? What are the best oils for your constitution, and what’s your ideal carbohydrate consumption per day?

Dietary Reset Method (DRM) is an effective, non-invasive way of testing the body using electronically imprinted vials to determine your best personal diet, your best and worst foods for health. It can uncover dietary deficiencies, tell you how much protein should you eat per day, and send you home with your top priorities for dietary health.

  • Comprehensive Testing with Electronic Vials
  • Find Your Optimum Diet, Best & Worst Foods
  • Personalized Nutritional Guidelines
  • Testing for Allergens,
  • Vitamins, Amino Acids
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Tips for a Clean Diet










What Clients Say

“Jane’s intuitive work is unique in that she listens directly to your body wisdom to find the most important underlying issues to reconnect. Ideal for chronic, unresolved health problems, Jane can discover critical areas affecting your health, that are simply not seen by conventional therapies.” Adam B.

Transformation After Treatment for Digestive Collapse

“Dear Jane, Yesterday after I left your office and into today, many incredibly amazing things happened.

  • I sang and hummed and whistled through the rest of the day and into the evening.
  • I was more calm and focused and centered than I have been in a very long time.
  • I was hungry again, and digested all my food and liquids.
  • I was present with people in a way I have not ever been.
  • People, strangers, noticed me and actually approached me to start conversation.
  • It was if they had known me forever and couldn’t wait to speak with me.
  • I was easily and happily in bed by 9pm and slept all night until 6am, with thousands of dreams.
  • You get the picture. Your energetic techniques are much deeper than the NAET hands down – and the NAET is powerful for sure.

Thank you for everything! Many blessings, Jerry”

Migraine Headache Resolved

“My son Max, 11, had a terrible migraine headache, going on the third day. I kept him home from school giving him 600mg of Ibuprofen. When that didn’t make a difference, I gave him a stronger pain reliever, but that still didn’t have any effect. On the third day of the migraine, I was desperate to find relief for him and almost took him to the local emergency room. Then I thought of Jane and energy medicine.  Kindly, she agreed to see him that very morning.

Jane treated him for about fifteen minutes. When I picked him up he was smiling. The pain was gone, and we all watched, amazed as he spent the rest of the day in the office helping us solve our toughest problems. To our astonishment the energy treatment cured his migraine and it never came back!  Whatever was causing the pain from the migraine just stopped. The results were immediate for Max and he never complained of a headache after that or need any medication for pain.

This was a truly amazing experience for us. I felt so happy I had chosen to call Jane and use this non-invasive, no negative side effects, completely natural amazing healing technique to help my son.” Najela Scott

Chronic Lower Back Pain Dissolved

“I had the misfortune of experiencing a severe flare-up of recurring lower-back pain and spasms. This particular incident was as bad as any I can recall; I was literally writhing in pain, unable to find a comfortable position, and unable to conduct necessary business.

Jane kindly offered to perform an emergency energy intervention on me.  I gladly accepted, thinking that at worst, the procedure would simply fail to provide relief. Somewhat to my surprise, I almost immediately started to feel much better. Within a half-hour, my muscle spasms stopped, and I was able to sleep and recover.

As an engineer, I seek to understand underlying mechanisms— and the underpinnings of this success elude me completely (although I do believe that there is a notion of “energy” that isn’t yet widely recognized in Western science). Perhaps my willingness to work with Jane allowed us to jointly stop the spasms. Regardless of the mechanism, I credit that energy treatment with getting me through a very tough spot.”  THANKS, Jane!”  Claude Cruz

Insomnia Gone after Three Sessions

“After months of job-searching and a traumatic romantic break-up, I had a severe case of insomnia. For six months I couldn’t sleep more than one to three hours a night. I was exhausted and unable to think or function. My financial stress increased, yet I was too tired and disoriented to deal with it. My doctor suggested anti-depressants and sleeping pills, but I didn’t want habit-forming pharmaceuticals. I went to a nearby clinic for acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which had little effect. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I tried many other sleep supplements, but nothing helped me sleep normally.

Desperate for a solution, I came to Jane for energy work. I figured if it didn’t work, as least it wouldn’t hurt me, and it cost less than a doctor. After the first session my intestines had a notably large elimination. After the second session I began to sleep at least 4 hours a night consistently. After the third session, that very night I slept 7 ½ hours straight through for the first time in months! Miraculously, I have been sleeping ever since. It was truly amazing! The results were undeniable and far exceeded my expectations.

Jane gave me her list of reconnections made: In my first appointment she did an internal Spheno-basilar release in the cranium, balanced all skeletal reciprocals and did an emotional extraction for fear. The second session was an acupuncture meridian balancing without needles, and extraction to release anger from the sexual organs. In the third session she re-balanced my meridians again, addressed a brain intolerance to electrical EMF’s, and did an extraction of fear from the nervous system. Jane says she didn’t do anything special. She just listened to my body.” Jennie

Jane’s Other Activities

  • To subscribe to Jane’s weekly email articles, recipes and tips, see her websites JanesHealthyKitchen.com, and www.FiveSeasonsMedicine.com.
  • Jane teaches Cosmological Qigong at the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe. This is a practice of gentle, sacred movements that harmonize the body, organs, and spirit to the Earth, Cosmos, and Seasons. For more information: MogaDaoInsitute.com


  • Jane is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on transformational lifestyle, diet, and healthy food. For event requests contact Lowell Hall – lowell@irelandandhall.com


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