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Dear Santa Fe Soul Family,

Losing weight and efficient detoxing is challenging for many people. With so many diets and weight loss programs out there, you might not know which one works right for your body? There are S.I.M.P.L.E. solutions here for you.
Every Tuesday in the Spring we are going to offer our wellness talks and lectures. Starting off next Tuesday March 1st and March 8th from 5-6pm come and see Dr. Robyn and Dr. Christi share their solutions to weight loss and detoxification. These talks are limited to 20 people so make sure you save your seat! If you are a B.O.S.S. Member these classes are FREE! Our classes are listed below, take a look for more info or call to RSVP!
Our Body Optimization System Studio is helping our members experience amazing results! With 18 pieces of wellness technology the BOSSibilities for your health are endless! We have self-mastery technologies such as Alpha-Stim for brain health, PorterVision and the Mind Fit with different applications for sleep, weight loss, and detox. Keep reading for more info!
Oceans of love and abundance,
Dr. Robyn Benson Tom Myers and the staff
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Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. has been on the cutting edge of mind entrainment technology for 25 years. He was a co-developer of the MC2, the first personal light & sound mind training machine, voted “Best New Gadget of the Year” at the 1989 Consumer Electronics Show.

His newest device, the MindFit, is distinctively designed to take the Self-Mastery Technology sessions to the highest possible level with the addition of light & sound frequencies.

In just 20 relaxing minutes a day you can undo the damaging effects of stress while reducing or eliminating tension and worry. In fact, research shows evidence that regular use can help you gain more energy, lose excess weight, get rid of bad habits, instill new positive behaviors, and improve your quality of life.

Upcoming Events This Week at Santa Fe Soul
Where: Santa Fe Soul B.O.S.S.
When: March 1st from 5 PM to 6 PM
Cost: $20 per person (Free for B.O.S.S. Members. All registrants receive 1 of the B.O.S.S. treatments for free [value $20-$50])
Dr. Robyn Benson has been practicing for over 20 years and is a health detective. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine and her experience she has gathered from touring over 70 countries, she goes directly to the source of your health concern and works from there. (Learn More…)
Where: Santa Fe Soul B.O.S.S.

When: March 8th from 5 PM to 6 PM
Cost: $20 per person ( Free for B.O.S.S. Members. All registrants receive 1 of the B.O.S.S. treatments for free [value $20-$50])

With so many detox programs out there it’s hard to choose what’s right for your body. Meet Dr. Alsop and learn how you can detox properly from the inside out.

(Learn More…)

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to my very good friend, Pedram Shojai. In his brand new book The Urban Monk, Pedram explains why people in Western society find it so hard to change.


Have you ever had that feeling of anticipation when you picked up the latest personal development bestseller? For me, there has been this unspoken hope inside that perhaps THIS ONE will be the book that I get a lot of mileage from, that moves me forward with new tools that really work so my life is a little less stressed, better relationships, and I can have more peace in my world….


Well here’s a book that may give you another perspective on the high frequency world we live in. The secret is in how Pedram balances Eastern wisdom with the crazy demands of Western society. It’s a real eye-opener.


I’ve known Pedram for years, and he’s a true friend and I’d love for you to meet him! Take this chance and listen to Pedram’s message on the next page and get ready for a transformation.

All the best,
Robyn Benson, DOM
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