Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health is the vision of founder and director Robyn Benson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Welcome to this beautiful health mecca, meet our highly experienced health care professionals who are here to help you regain your health and well-being.  Set yourself free from sleep issues, weight, chronic headaches, pain, hormonal imbalances, digestive distress, anxiety, depression and so much more. Choose from many of our services such as Acupuncture, IV Therapies, Life Coaching, Chiropractic, Prolozone, Skin Regeneration, Therapeutic Massage…. as well as our innovative leading-edge energy technologies.

PATIENT INTAKE FORMS – Forms for new and established patients, medical history, information and reference sheets.
Insurances Accepted – Please be aware that different health insurance plans have different requirements regarding deductibles and co-pays. It is the patient’s responsibility to check with your insurance plan and verify your coverage and what your financial responsibility will be at each visit.