Robyn Benson, DOM
Santa Fe Soul and Self-Care Revolution Founder and Director

Dr. Robyn Benson is a pioneer of the Self-Care Revolution, which aims to transform lives and health care, one person at a time. This mission has been fueled by lessons she’s learned and the wisdom and insights she’s GAINED on her transformational journey as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, which includes traveling to more than 70 countries to learn from indigenous people. For the past 25 years, she’s applied her considerable knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies and cutting-edge energy medicine to help patients achieve optimal, radiant and sustainable health. In 2005, Dr. Robyn founded an innovative healthcare center which now has a staff of 25 practitioners. A mother, adventure enthusiast, world traveler, author and speaker, Dr. Robyn brings a decidedly holistic approach to 21st-Century healthcare.

(505) 986-1089

Aleta Braun – Nationally Certified Reflexologist ARCB

  Aleta has been practicing reflexology since 2000. Her wealth of knowledge and intuition create a space that is deeply calming and nourishing so that the body and mind can let go of whatever is being held onto, relax, breathe, and expand. She believes this is the space where healing happens. Each session responds to the unique needs of the …

Dr. Christi Alsop, B.S., DOM

Dr. Alsop incorporates elements of both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, herbs and nutritional therapy. Specializing in fertility, pediatrics, autoimmune disorders and pain management. Patient of all ages from newborns to elderly are welcome.


Dr. Dexter Russell, D.N.

Naprapaths believe that healing energy can be blocked or trapped in the musculoskeletal system and appears as muscular contractions and painful trigger points throughout the body in response to stress, physical trauma, psychological conflicts, metabolic disorder and improper posture. Commonly treated conditions include, neck and back pain, sciatica, joint pain, headache, spasms, sprains and strains.

Elizabeth Liechty, ChFC, CLU

Holistic Financial Planning “When More Than Money Matters”

(410) 279-3482

Kevin Snow, RMT, LLC, CHC

Intuitive Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotherapist.

(505) 920-5411

Monte Monteleone

        Monte Monteleone is a certified  biofeedback practitioner and has worked with energetic medicine since 1977.  For the past 16 years he has worked with clients using the Scio, Tesla Coil, the Yuen Method hypnotherapy and many other modalities.   Monte’s speciality is working with chronic and acute conditions when traditional medicine has not been able to help. …

Oliver Knudsen – Massage Therapy & Bodywork

I am a graduate of the Santa Fe School of Massage, I also have a passion for bodywork and massage therapy. I specialize in Healing Quality of Touch, Nurturing Therapeutic Massage, and Deep Tissue modalities. If you are suffering from any type of physical pain or emotional stress, I am here to help free you of any discomfort. Oliver is …

Rebekah Kanter, DOM

Asian, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, specializing in German Biological Medicine and NAET allergy elimination.

(505) 424-0477

Suzanne Oliva, DOM

Incorporating herbs, supplements, homeopathy, myofacial release, cupping, electrical stimulation, Moxa (heat therapy), and spiritual counseling as needed in her practice.

(505) 699-8116


  Thomas presently assists Dr. Benson in patient care at Santa Fe Soul. These duties include administering intravenous therapies, pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy and oxygen training. Thomas has studied and taught Chinese Internal arts such as Taijiquan and Qigong for over twenty years. Thomas is a graduate of West Chester University where he earned a degree in Exercise Physiology. He …

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