Dr. Alsop incorporates elements of both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, herbs and nutritional therapy. Specializing in fertility, pediatrics, autoimmune disorders and pain management. Patient of all ages from newborns to elderly are welcome.


Dr. Alsop received her first acupuncture treatment at age 13. She believes the effectiveness of these treatments allowed her to enjoy an allergy-free young adult life, and inspired her to pursue a career in Oriental Medicine. She has a Bachelors of Science in Community Health, and earned her Masters Degree from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 1995. That same year she became nationally board certified by the NCCAOM and a member of the American Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association. She served on the Board of the Oriental Medicine Association of New Mexico for two years. Dr. Alsop also has certificates in Pediatric Oriental Medicine from Blue Poppy Inc. and has completed continuing education units in women’s health and autoimmune disorders. She has been practicing for 21 years in Santa Fe, NM and works closely with local MD’s, dentists, massage therapists and chiropractors and she continues to feel a passion to improve the wellness of the community in which she lives. Dr. Alsop incorporates elements of both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, herbs and nutritional therapy. Patients of all ages from newborns to elderly are welcome.

Dr. Alsop has provided acupuncture services to my son in a caring and nurturing manner for over four years, addressing issues related to his premature birth. I attribute much of his success to her thoughtful interventions to health issues through acupuncture and herbs, and to her guidance on developmental phases from newborn to preschool. My son loves his visits to Dr. Christi!

Kristin Jones Santa Fe, NM Dr. Christi Alsop December 17, 2015

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An ancient Oriental healing technique developed more than three thousand years ago, acupuncture is based on Taoist philosophy. It aims to balance energy meridians, allowing the body to heal itself. Relatively painless, it is administered by inserting fine needles at key points on the body relating to various organs – in order to alleviate pain, relieve muscular, neurological, and arthritic …


Non-traditional homeopathic remedies such as sarcodes and nosodes (non-repetorization) are used to promote detoxification, healing, and balancing.

Hormone Balancing

Checking hormonal imbalances and using natural ways to re-balance the body.

Sound & Vibration Therapy

Matter vibrates, sound is vibration, therefore sound effects matter. There are many types of vibrational healing techniques from toning with the voice to using new technological devices which emit digital or analogue frequency. Sound healing is usually very non invasive as the practitioner doesn’t have to touch, prod or poke any body parts. The therapy consists of making sounds and …

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