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If you have questions about career, relationships, money, health, mental and emotional well-being or spirituality, Vedic Astrology can provide your answers. It can also tell you when the possibilities for prosperity or challenge will occur and, if there are areas of challenge, it can offer ways to remediate the difficulties. Vedic Astrology, also called Jyotisha, comes from India and is considered to be the mother of all predictive systems. It uses our time of birth to indicate the positions of the planets, which represent the different styles or qualities of intelligence within us.


About Myself

I began the study of Vedic Astrology many years ago when I was exploring consciousness through periods of long daily meditations.  In my spare time, I became fascinated with Jyotisha as a tool for self-understanding.  But it wasn’t until I found a qualified teacher 17 years ago that I began a formal study of Vedic Astrology.

As my skills as a Jyotishi have grown, I’ve become convinced there’s not a more effective system for life-guidance.  Every field of human life can be analyzed and understood in great detail by this ancient predictive science, not only from the perspective of our strengths but also from the view of the challenges we face and when they will show up in our lives.

But being an effective Jyotishi or Vedic Astrologer, is not just about their technical ability to analyze a birth chart.  What is equally important is the wisdom gained from life experiences that have defined the astrologer’s life.  To that end, I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I have had a life-long interest in personal and collective transformation.  My desire to enliven the highest potential of human life was inspired by my early exposure to the Vedic wisdom of India, particularly the understanding of Vedanta, the underlying unity permeating all things.

I began meditating and doing yoga in my early twenties.  In 1975, I became a certified meditation and yoga instructor and, for the last 38 years, have taught meditation, yoga, and the Vedic sciences around the world.

This desire for spiritual awakening has been further informed by many other techniques and processes for physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual healing and unfoldment, some of which have evolved here in the West.

I realized over time that those of us on the spiritual path often try to use our spiritual practices to “transcend” the more painful aspects of our emotional life.  This contributes to a marked lack of integration.


Rather than turn away from our wounds, I’ve found it far more beneficial to compassionately accept and embrace them before we can heal them.  When left un-processed, these painful emotional identifications impede our self-realization, and perpetuate the illusion that we are inherently limited.

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