Integrating Essential Oil Massage & Subtle-EnergyWork together creates an opening… echoing a deep response from within, allowing exponentially a remembering of your true capacity for Wholeness. Engaging the energy-field correspondingly, healing brings beneficial effects which may last days or even weeks afterwards. Higher Spiritual Guidance frequently presents itself as information or symbols ‘drop-in,‘ which may be pertinent to current circumstances or the soul’s life-path.

About Lydia’s Work

An inherent knowing that ‘touch can be healing’ surfaced when Lydia took a book out of the library at the age of twelve… called “The Massage Book”. While attending the Swedish Institute of Massage in 1988, a significant encounter led her down a path whereby her passion for entering the realm of miracles was found.
Completing then a 4-year program of study with ”The Barbara Brennan School of Healing” in 1996 & subsequent Graduate Studies, her Bodywork approach & uniquely responsive listening stye has continued to develop. Coaxing body & mind into a deeply relaxed state of awareness both practitioner & client link-up with the powerful frequency reached in meditation. When we remove obstructions to positive energy flow, interpretation from the our divine inheritance shines through.. & a natural connection to supreme wellness through consciousness is greatly enhanced.

Some of the Issues You Can Address & Resolve:

• Contracted Pain & Stiffness
• Injuries & Wellness
• Addictions
• Worry & Overthinking
• Enhanced Athletic Performance
• Stress
• Spirituality
• Unhappiness & Anxiety

What Clients Say:

*“That was the best massage I’ve ever had”*
*“I feel so peaceful”*
*“That was so relaxing”*
*”I had to come all the way from Oregon to Santa Fe to find-you”*
*”Ha ha!! I have no pain anymore!”*

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