Awakening the Masculine Soul, Vitality Fall Cleanse and Divine Healing


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Welcome to Santa Fe Soul 
Home of Your Self Care Support Team and The Self-Care Revolution!


Self-Care Revolution Month 10      “Be Fabulous At Any Age !”


On Tuesday October 15th our Self-Care Revolution speakers will be:

Susan Smith Jones, MS, PhD “Is Too Much Stress Destroying Your Health & Life?”

Susan Smith Jones is a leading voice in America and worldwide in the fields of health/fitness, personal growth, optimal nutrition, natural remedies, longevity, balanced living, and human potential. She is a motivational speaker, holistic health consultant, and author of 25 books, including The Joy Factor, Walking on Air, and Recipes for Health Bliss.

Joe Rubino : “The Most Important Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life”

Dr. Joe Rubino is an acclaimed personal development trainer, life-changing success & life-optimization coach & best-selling author of 12 books in 24 languages. To receive free gifts and subscribe to his FREE newsletters, learn more about his life-impacting programs and courses or to read about his books, visit



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Self-Care Coaches with Luisa Kolker- Live Stream- Power of Community Video
We had so much fun! Click Here To Watch
Practitioner of the Week
Michael Schwartz, Disease Symbologist





Disease symbology manifest as symptoms, conditions and diseases. They are forms of guidance when you know how to interpret the energetic symbolic significance. I can provide the insights to the emotional causes of your health issue plus a plan of action for resolution.

Michael is the author of several books which are available at Santa Fe Soul Disease Symbology and Dream Symbology.


Special Events in the Sun Room
Awakening The Masculine Soul

October 15, @ 6:00pm – 9:00 pm

Cost: $10 Donation

Jeff Hood 505 501 3575

Al Moore, 505 988 4988,

Is your life flying by? Career, health and relationships stagnant? Take TIME OUT! Build inspiration and a sense of your soul’s direction. Join us in an introductory evening of enlivening experiences for men in search of new ways of being in the world. This program is based on the principle that our physical reality is a reflection of our consciousness, thus in order to build into the world that which we desire, we must first build it into ourselves.

Useful tools for

·    Enhanced Relationships

·    Increased Abundance

·    Sustained Health

·    Greater capacity for joy

For more info about the night click here


Dr. Dan Matthews Group Holy Divine Healing
October 18, 7:00-9:00pm
Cost : $35 suggested love offering
Gracia Coffin 505-500-7918

Dr. Dan Mathews comes to New Mexico twice a year to facilitate Group Healings, as well as individual transformational sessions.  The Group Healings are global service events open to any who feel called to consciously participate in their own transformational process as well as assisting in the awakening and healing of all Humanity, all Life, and Mother Earth. Participants in Dr. Dan’s Group Healings with Holy Divine Healing have experienced profound physical and emotional healing, as well as a more expanded awakening to their own unique spiritual gifts.  Please join us in this global service of Love and Light as we continue to expand our Holy O Life on Earth for All in 2013!

To learn more about this event click here

Your Vitality Fall Cleanse Workshop
October 19, @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Val Alarcon and Monique Von Hieserich

Cost : Sliding Fee Scale $25-45:00

It’s your time to shine! Learn about the various cleansing options you have available in order to ignite your vitality, strengthen immune system, improve digestion and metabolic process, and feel younger and vibrant! Val and Monique are certified health coaches and nutritionist who have over come their own personal health challenges. They know on a personal level what it takes to heal from the inside out, and they both contribute this to the various cleanses they have experienced.  Your Vitality Fall Cleanse Workshop includes:

–       A yoga class where you will learn specific poses that will enhance your cleanse
–       A presentation on the various cleansing protocols and their respective health benefits
–       A 30-minute private health and cleansing program consultation
Ray Johnston’s FREE Kenya Update with Slide Presentation
Contact Marion at 505-474-3758

Ray Johnston has just returned from Kenya. Join him for his excellent up -to -date presentation on Kenya’s wildlife, economy, people and so much more. Ray is a gifted teacher and speaker as well one who can communicate and awaken understanding of diverse and difficult spiritual issues in a direct personal manner. Due to his own unique and transformational life experiences he connects easily and often with a wide variety of people and healing needs. He has assisted people of various cultures, and awareness levels around the world. In addition Ray’s abilities extend to providing healing assistance for animals, both wild and domestic, along with many levels of planetary energies and consciousness.

Ray is an authentic, uniquely experienced, and internationally respected healer and teacher who conducts public presentations and private healing sessions worldwide. His life’s purpose is personal and planetary transformation.

New Technology Hi-Lights at Santa Fe Soul


High Tech Detoxification

The Photon Genius offers a safe and effective alternative to drugs, surgery, chemo, or radiation without negative side effects

Pay As You Go: $1.50 per Minute or Package Deal: $60 for 1 Hour

Mercola Vitality Tanning Bed: Get a Healthy Tan in Time for Swimsuit Season

Safe, cutting edge tanning bed solution designed to optimize Vitamin D levels, to help you look younger and feel great! The only tanning bed approved by the Vitamin D council.

We are offering a safe and convenient tanning and vitamin D-producing UV system, plus skin-supporting visible red light in the 633 nm range, which is truly phenomenal. With the added bonus of the red light, you’ll be able to improve the clarity, tone, and texture of your skin, ultimately giving you the look of a more youthful appearance.

Pay As You Go: $1.50 per Minute or Package Deal: $60 for 1 Hour

Structured Water
To learn more about Clayton Nolte’s generous special offer to our Self-Care Revolution community [Click Here].
NEW!—BerryBreeze for your Refrigerator
Berry Breeze fun short video animation on how to make your  food stay fresh longer in your refrigerator.

Order online or while supplies last at Santa Fe Soul.
Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door
Introducing Artisan Bistro:

Do you find yourself succumbing to fast food because there just isn’t enough time in the day to shop and cook? Some of us here at Santa Fe Soul are in the same boat, and we’re happy to share that we’ve discovered a ridiculously convenient, healthy solution: Artisan Bistro!

Artisan Bistro partnered with a group of leading practitioners to create a menu that uses proven, effective weight management research. The meals ignite your metabolism and only use the best all natural, organic and sustainable ingredients.

  • Delicious Pre-Prepared Meals
  • Wild-Caught Fish and Free-Range Meats
  • Natural, Organic and Sustainable Ingredients
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten & Peanut Free
  • Soy & Dairy Free Options
  • Delivered Right to Your Door
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Sound interesting? Just Click Here and enter Practitioner Code 126178 to learn more!

PS –

We’ve been trying these out and our favorite meals so far have been Chicken CreoleTurkey Piccata and Cilantro Coconut Chicken!

Ongoing Events in the Sun Room

Every Monday from 9 – 10:15 AM: Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga of Awareness

Monday’s class will focus on the heart center, opening, surrendering to our higher Self.  Beautiful set with if questions  901 2883  Tera

A dynamic blend of asana, kriya, meditation and breath-work. All levels welcome. The instructors, Tera and Pritpal have both been teaching for over 30 years. Pritpal is a Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and has trained Kundalini Yoga teachers all over the world. Tera is a member of the Aquarian Academy Teacher Trainer Institute. [Click Here] to learn more.

Cost: $15/Packages Available. Call Tera at (505) 901-2883 for more information.

Every Monday from 5:30 – 6:45 PM: Gentle Yoga Chi

Are you coming back from your yoga practice? Are you coming back from an injury or illness? Are you interested in learning yoga as a wellness practice? THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU! Yoga means Union of Mind, Body Breath. everything coming together in the moment! Michal teaches conscious awareness, being present to your journey of mind, body, breath. She combines several yoga traditions, along with qigong, breathing, and imagining to create a full body-mind experience. [Click Here] to learn more.

Cost: First Class Free – $12 or $40 for 4 Classes. Call Michal Curry at (505) 501-9300 for more information.

Every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30pm
Free Meditation Group
Liz Light 505-983-7774
Cost: Free (Donations gracefully accepted)

Come join us for a weekly gathering of the Sai Maa New Mexico Community. We offer guided meditation, Light Blessings, (Sai Maa Diksha),  chanting, sharing the teachings and wisdom of her Holiness Sai Maa and Humanity In Unity.

Sai Maa is a spiritual master healer and global humanitarian.

Every Tuesday through October 29, except for September 24th or October 15.

Every Wednesday from 9 – 10:15 AM: Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga of Awareness

A dynamic blend of asana, kriya, meditation and breath work. All levels welcome. The instructors, Tera and Pritpal have both been teaching for over 30 years. Pritpal is a Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and has trained Kundalini Yoga teachers all over the world. Tera is a member of the Aquarian Academy Teacher Trainer Institute. [Click Here] to learn more.

Cost: $15/Packages Available. Call Tera at (505) 901-2883 for more information.

Every Wednesday from 10:30 – 12 PM: Qigong & Healing from Within

Join us for an eclectic, intuitive blend of Qigong, gentle Yoga and Shamanic healing. Cultivate energy and consciousness for physical, emotional and spiritual health and self-realization. Nourish a profound sense of stability, inner strength and deep relaxation. This class follows the seasons, connecting with nature. Each season has it’s own energetic characteristics, dominant organs, sounds, flavors, and element. These aspects and our relationship with them are reflected in our bodies, emotions and spirits. Our practices help us to flow with change and harmonize ourselves with what is happening within and around us. [Click Here] to learn more.

Cost: $12. Call Allison Lasky at (505) 984-8733 for more information.

Every Wednesday from 5:15 – 6:15pm
Crystalline Harmonic Toning As The Sound of Unconditional Love
Kathleen Nagy aka The Sound Lady
Cost : Your First class is FREE/$60 monthly

You will experience:

-healing as the karma causing your dis-ease melts

-how the Sound of Love releases the wounded heart and aligns the structure of reality in your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Toning from this base level of reality is a profound way to work with the whole being, clearing multiple issues at once. No matter what karma an individual  carrying the toning from love will address it, therefore allowing for powerful shifts in their lives.

What people are saying: “Kathleen’s intuitive gift of sound helped release my very painful frozen shoulder” – “I have had profound sessions with Kathleen, resolving issues even doctors could not solve due to the non- intrusiveness of her technique.. Her work has been a blessing to me at a difficult time, and her compassion and Love an extra delight.”

 Every Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:30PM: Clearing, Counseling and Higher Support

September 11, @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Cost: $20

A group for fast-track growth. If you’ve been looking for a way to break through inner limitations and deepen your connection with Spirit, here’s your opportunity. Facilitated by Max Highstein, a gifted counselor with an extensive background in psychology, spirituality and intuition. He uses all three to help participants connect more deeply within, release the past, and experience true fulfillment. Class is small, seating is limited.
More information: Max Highstein, 466-1055,, Website:

Every Thursday from 3 – 5 PM: Free Post Traumatic Stress Help Clinic

This clinic addresses daily stressors and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Individual & Private sessions that will reset the fight or flight response in the brain which facilitates a deep sense of calm and grounding in your body and mind. PTSD (post traumatic stress) is a disorder that can develop following a traumatic event that threatens your safety or makes you feel helpless. Long after a life-threatening event, post traumatic stress can cause flashbacks, vivid, disturbing memories of the trauma as well as sleep problems, nightmares and panic attacks. People with post traumatic stress may feel detached, guilty, or paranoid. They often suffer depression and are at increased risk of suicide. [Click Here] to learn more.

Cost: FREE. Call Michal Curry at (505) 501-9300 for more information.

Every Thursday from 5:30 – 6:30 PM: Yoga for Wellness & Coping with Stress and PTSD

This class includes breathing, gentle asanas (postures) imaging, qigong, grounding and other tools for wellness and coping with stress. There are many causes of trauma/stress. They range from major experiences-war, floods, abuse to minor events. Do you know that just by witnessing trauma, it can possibly cause PTSD in someone? Trauma and stress can manifest in different ways, flashbacks, shortness of breath, inability to sleep, freeze-mode, hyper-vigilant and others. [Click Here] to learn more.

Cost: $15/Packages Available. Call Michal Curry at (505) 501-9300 for more information.

Every Thursday from 7:30 – 9:00 PM: Oneness Awakened Deeksha

Experience the Oneness Awakening phenomenon! Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people worldwide have shifted into permanent states of Awakening; the planetary shift into higher consciousness is real and happening now! Join Margo Baldwin and Nathaniel Weil, Awakened Oneness Trainers and other awakened ones, every Thursday evening to experience the process of Oneness Awakened Deeksha. Please come with all your questions about awakening; there is nothing for you to do but receive the grace of Awakening which will lead to a change in perception that ends your experience of inner conflict, separation, and suffering…replaced by the living experience of Oneness and non-duality. Click Here to learn more.

Cost: $10 Offering. Call Margo Baldwin at (505) 280-9163 for more information.

Please check the Event Calendar on our website for more information on other ongoing classes and events:

And don’t forget: The Sun Room is available to rent for all of your events, classes and gatherings for only $30 per hour! Call 474-8555 and ask for Marion to request a tour or to schedule your next event.

We hope you’re having a wonderful week,

Your Friends at Santa Fe Soul

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