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“Head Strong” – NY Times Bestseller!

Dave Asprey is a dear friend of ours. If you missed Dave Asprey’s talk when he spoke at Santa Fe Soul, you can watch it here.

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Now about Dave’s NYT BS book. Too many people end up convinced that it’s normal to grow increasingly tired and foggy as they get older… to forget words in mid-sentence… or live with with premature signs of dementia, unable to remember the things that matter most.

And if you’re at all concerned about this kind of age-related mental decline, or or just feeling like you’re losing your “edge” lately…
Dave Asprey’s new book Head Strong tackles the myths behind this “new normal” head on – proving that building (and keeping) a strong, resilient mind isn’t just for the genetically gifted.

Hear from the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Bestselling Author of “The Bulletproof Diet” and now NY Times Bestselling Author of “Head Strong” as Dave gives you the details of his tweeks (aka “hacks”)…

Dave Asprey explains…

If your brain had an owner’s manual, it would look something like Head Strong.
Inside, you’ll not only find tips and strategies based on Dave’s own years of research, but also little-known discoveries from the latest scientific studies…
You’ll also find a complete two-week program designed to guide you step by step to real, meaningful improvements in just two weeks, while cutting through brain fog and relieving stress.

Be Head Strong Now!

Bulletproof Coaching Available at Santa Fe Soul!

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Work harder, think faster…

in as little as two weeks.

Do you crave the energy to be strong and perform well in all areas of life every day? Maybe it’s time to get Head Strong.

Read Dave Asprey’s revolutionary guide to the ultimate performance in body and mind to change your life! Order your copy NOW. #HeadStrongBook

Are you ready to go live with high energy and
skip the average or low performance life?

Imagine what it would feel like to lift the brain fog, boost your energy, and feel good day after day. Head Strong by Dave Asprey presents an all-inclusive two week program detailing every single small tweak (aka “hack”) you can make to perform at your very best, all the time.

Bulletproof Coaching available at Santa Fe Soul!

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