Free Ozone Sauna Treatment Opportunity

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Thank you to all the people who volunteered to help out with our THRIVE 3 day Conference in exchange for a ticket to the event! Here’s another opportunity…if you buy a ticket for the entire event this weekend (before April 28th) you will receive a FREE Ozone Sauna treatment valued at $75.

Announcing our "Show Us Your Self-Care Contest " on Santa Fe Soul Facebook page. Post photos of your self-care routines and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win prizes. Post as many photos as you like, it will give you more chances to win. Like the page if you haven’t already and share it with your friends. Thanks (See prizes in the Facebook post.)

Read about our expert speakers HERE
Early Registration by May 1st saves you $50! AND you will be entered into a drawing to receive a self care package worth $200 from Santa Fe Soul and more.

Unleash Your Brain Power Season 2


On Tuesday April 29th, our Self-Care Revolution speaker will be: 

Debra Cummings

Debra Cummings spent years in depression, a constant state of anxiety and having panic attacks on a regular basis. She is a person who came from a childhood of sexual abuse, low self-esteem, no confidence, and lack of purpose in her life until she met Jo Dunning and was trained in her extraordinary techniques. Using the same powerful techniques that changed her own life, Debra has assisted thousands of others improve their lives quickly, easily and in remarkable ways.

Call Topic –

Just show up and your life will change!

  • A simple way to improve your life.
  • Gain clarity, focus and motivation just by listening
  • Increase abundance, reduce pain and worry.
  • Even if nothing else has worked for you.

Join the Self-Care Revolution where replays of the interviews are available to Free Members for 48 hours, plus you’ll receive instant access to call-in information and bonus materials.

Congratulations to Dr. Robyn and Tom!
They have been certified to deliver PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections! You may ask, what is PRP?
PRP is a component of your blood (plasma) with concentrations of platelets above normal values. PRP typically contains 3-8 times the concentration of normal platelet levels. After injury, platelets are on the front line of the healing response and play a critical role by releasing growth factors. These growth factors influence tissue repair in a variety of different cell types including tendon, muscle and cartilage cells. They can also be used for facial rejuvenation as an alternative to BOTOX. They are ramping up with the new equipment and should be ready next week to start offering this state of the art healing technique.
Practitioner Self Care Tips




From Harmony Rose West:

Cultivate an Inner Witness  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine that you are observing whatever is bothering you on a movie screen. This allows you to feel detached from your problems, because you are no longer experiencing them, you are observing them.  Now, let your inner witness ask you a few questions and listen for the answers: What am I feeling? When have I felt this before? What is the lesson here? What can I learn that would bring healing to this situation? What would bring me peace?  The more attention you give your inner witness and the more your exercise using it, the stronger resource it becomes for you.  From the soon-to-be-released book: Calm Down! 35 Quick and Easy Ways to Reduce Stress and Reclaim Inner Peace by Harmony Rose West


From Rev. Dr. Adara Walton-Free 20 minute Energy Kinesiology Diagnostic Sessions. Next Tuesday(29th) from 2:00-5:00. If you need to know root cause of what’s ailing you, come in for this free evaluation. Each session will consist of sample "muscle checks" to find root cause of an issue underlying a current dis-ease, dis-order or upset.


From Jonathan Crews-  FREE 15 minute Vedic Astrology Readings in the SFS Living Room on Wednesday ‘s from 2:00-5:00pm

From Kathleen Nagy-The Sound Lady-and Kevin Snow-The Desert Shaman Thrive Weekend Workshop VideoFull Spectrum Vitality-Live The Life You Were Meant To Live.

From Christi Alsop,DOM- listen to this amazing interview with Dr. Blaser on Fresh Air. He is the director of NYU’s Human Microbiome Program and a former chairman of medicine there. His new book is called Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues.

New Technology at Santa Fe Soul
The New Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet is the most exciting portable steam sauna product available. New features make it the most advanced on the market.
The Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet has a look that resembles a sleeping chamber from Star Trek, this nifty portable steam / sauna features an oxygen generator for easy breathing during sauna usage and four powerful jets for a comfortable and relaxing steam.
The Hyperthermic Chamber touts that it can even induce an artificial fever ready to knock out infections and inflammation. You can purge toxins while you sit.Call 505-986-1089 to schedule your appointment.
Special Events in the Sun Room
When : April 24 and 25 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Cost : $225 for one hour session (packed with information and recorded   digitally)
Contact : Kathryn Zion  720-302-3992
This is a full channeled session bringing the full energy and Light of Archangel who answers your questions with wisdom, love, clarity and useful information for daily life. Audrey is a channel for Archangel Haniel and is currently on You Tube with over 100,000 viewers.

Please call Kathryn to reserve your session: 720-302-3992

When : April 26, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cost : $200 per couple
Contact : Marcelle Grant 505-986-3478
A one day workshop to learn how to enhance and strengthen emotional intimacy with your partner. “Hold Me Tight” , as developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, is an internationally recognized educational program for deepening closeness in relationships.

This workshop is led by Marcelle Grant, LISW, certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist and Alan Brody, PhD who have been married for over 25 years and psychotherapist for much longer.

5.5 CEU’s available for Counselors and Social Workers

For more info –

When : April 26, from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Cost : $15 in advance, $20 at door
Contact : Therese 970-673-6377
Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino is an inspirational, emotionally intimate documentary exploring the heart-centered, celestially guided life ways of the Altomisayoqs (high shamans) of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition of Peru.
The evening program includes an introduction and post-screening discussion with filmmaker Jeffrey Wiu m, a western-born ‘Paqo ‘ in the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition.

Tickets: $15 in advance ( ) /  $20 at the door

Watch the trailer online at: 

When : April 27, from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Cost : $65
Contact : Kathryn Zion 720-302-3992

Self-confidence contributes to your life a sense of ease in dealing with life’s difficulties bringing greater happiness on all levels of life. This class gives tools and techniques to release easily and effortlessly, through spiritual mindfulness, the blockages that have kept you from having a lifetime of self-confidence. You will be given a technique to have self-confidence in less than 10 minutes.

Rev. Audrey Cole as 30 years expertise in Spiritual Mindfulness. Audrey is a natural medium/psycic and dedicates her life to raising the consciousness of humanity to bring peace and serenity to this earth. Audrey is a channel for Haniel and is currently on YouTube with over 100,000 viewers.

For reservations as seats are limited call, but all are welcome at the door 720-302-3992

When : May 4, 2014 from 10:00-10:30am

HU is an ancient and universal word for God that can be sung or chanted to help bring solace in troubling times, find inner harmony, and experience a more direct connection with the universal life force and one’s true self.

There will be a 2-3 minute introduction to the HU, then we’ll chant the sacred word “HU” (pronounced like “hue”) for about 20 minutes, and have about 5 minutes of quiet for contemplation.




Where do you turn for information when you need help solving everything from your smallest to your most pressing health and wellness problems? Common cold, stress, cancer, hormone imbalance, addiction, weight issues, allergies…

Are you so over trying to sift through the mountain of information out there regarding your health and what to do to maintain it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place to go and access all the tools and resources you need exactly when you need them?

Let me introduce you to the Self-Care Revolution™ Lifestyle Program, your one-stop-shop when it comes to providing you with exactly what you need to create a healthy, vibrant lifestyle! Sign up so you don’t miss out:
Structured Water
Wow! Structured Water is incredible all on its own and we are so pleased to have been a part of bringing this life altering technology to the market and now it just got even better.
Patrick Durkin, the creator of Water Magic 101 is waiving his $497 tuition on his Water Magic 101 course for members of the Santa Fe Soul Community. His commitment to hydrating humanity is truly awesome and we hope you both taken advantage of his generosity and join us in thanking him for this beautiful offering.
If you haven’t purchased a Structured Water Device yet, now is your chance as we are having a Great Holiday Sale.
Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door

Introducing Artisan Bistro:

Do you find yourself succumbing to fast food because there just isn’t enough time in the day to shop and cook? Some of us here at Santa Fe Soul are in the same boat, and we’re happy to share that we’ve discovered a ridiculously convenient, healthy solution: Artisan Bistro!

Artisan Bistro partnered with a group of leading practitioners to create a menu that uses proven, effective weight management research. The meals ignite your metabolism and only use the best all natural, organic and sustainable ingredients.

  • Delicious Pre-Prepared Meals
  • Wild-Caught Fish and Free-Range Meats
  • Natural, Organic and Sustainable Ingredients
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten & Peanut Free
  • Soy & Dairy Free Options
  • Delivered Right to Your Door
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Sound interesting? Just Click Here and enter Practitioner Code 126178 to learn more!

PS –

We’ve been trying these out and our favorite meals so far have been Chicken CreoleTurkey Piccata and Cilantro Coconut Chicken!



Technology Hi-Lights at Santa Fe Soul


High Tech Detoxification

The Photon Genius offers a safe and effective alternative to drugs, surgery, chemo, or radiation without negative side effects


Pay As You Go: $1.50 per Minute or Package Deal: $60 for 1 Hour


Mercola Vitality Tanning Bed: Get a Healthy Tan in Time for Swimsuit Season

Safe, cutting edge tanning bed solution designed to optimize Vitamin D levels, to help you look younger and feel great! The only tanning bed approved by the Vitamin D council.

We are offering a safe and convenient tanning and vitamin D-producing UV system, plus skin-supporting visible red light in the 633 nm range, which is truly phenomenal. With the added bonus of the red light, you’ll be able to improve the clarity, tone, and texture of your skin, ultimately giving you the look of a more youthful appearance.



Pay As You Go: $1.50 per Minute or Package Deal: $60 for 1 Hour

Ongoing Events in the Sun Room

Every Monday from 9 – 10:15 AM: Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga of Awareness

Monday’s class will focus on the heart center, opening, surrendering to our higher Self.  Beautiful set with if questions  901 2883  Tera


A dynamic blend of asana, kriya, meditation and breath-work. All levels welcome. The instructors, Tera and Pritpal have both been teaching for over 30 years. Pritpal is a Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and has trained Kundalini Yoga teachers all over the world. Tera is a member of the Aquarian Academy Teacher Trainer Institute. [Click Here] to learn more.


Cost: $15/Packages Available. Call Tera at (505) 901-2883 for more information.


Every Monday and Thursday from 5:30 – 6:45 PM: Gentle Yoga Chi

 Are you coming back from an injury or illness? Are you interested in learning yoga as a wellness practice? THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!  Michal teaches conscious awareness, being present to your journey of mind, body, breath. She combines several yoga traditions, along with qigong, breathing, and imagining to create a full body-mind experience. [Click Here] to learn more.


Cost: Drop Ins $15 or package of 5 classes for $50. Call Michal Curry at (505) 501-9300 for more information.


Every Wednesday from 9:00-10:15 AM: Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga of Awareness

A dynamic blend of asana, kriya, meditation and breath work. All levels welcome. The instructors, Tera and Pritpal have both been teaching for over 30 years. Pritpal is a Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and has trained Kundalini Yoga teachers all over the world. Tera is a member of the Aquarian Academy Teacher Trainer Institute.[Click Here] to learn more.


Cost: $15/Packages Available. Call Tera at (505) 901-2883 for more information.


Every Wednesday from 10:30 – 12 PM: Qigong & Healing from Within

Join us for an eclectic blend of Qigong, gentle Yoga and Shamanic healing. Cultivate energy and consciousness for physical, emotional and spiritual health and self-realization. Nourish a profound sense of stability, inner strength and deep relaxation.

Allison Lasky has over 20 years in depth experience in various forms of shamanic healing, qigong, yoga, energy and bodywork.

Click Here to learn more.


Cost: First class is FREE then $12. For more information call Allison: 505-984-8733

Please check the Event Calendar on our website for more information on other ongoing classes and events:   
  May Sun Room Calendar


And don’t forget: The Sun Room is available to rent for all of your events, classes and gatherings for only $30 per hour! Call 474-8555 and ask for Marion to request a tour or to schedule your next event.

We hope you’re having a wonderful week,

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