Hello from beautiful, warm, windy and allergy-filled Santa Fe, NM. Our treatment rooms at Santa Fe Soul are full of people with the sniffles, swollen eyes, achy bodies and always Dr. Robyn Benson administering her Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolozone treatments.
Juniper is the culprit among other blossoming trees and plants. Our most popular allergy therapies are acupuncture, B-12 shots, Myers cocktails and natural anti-histamine supplements.
As you head into your weekend, I want you to know about these three excellent health opportunities to up-level your miracle mindset, skin and thyroid function right now.

I am excited to share with you these incredible resources from my 3 incredibly smart and caring friends to better your skin with Dr. Trevor Cates, improve your thyroid health with thyroid expert Dr. Isabella Wentz, and an incredible message about the power of mindset and the miracles it can deliver from JJ Virgin. Enjoy!

Did you know you can get the clear skin you’ve always wanted with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle?
In fact, your skin can actually tell you what changes to make. Because every day, your skin is giving you clues about any nutritional deficiencies, gut problems, and hormone imbalances you may have… and how to fix them.
My friend Dr. Trevor Cates, also known as The Spa Dr., calls skin your “magic mirror,” and she wrote an entire book about how to read your skin and heal it from the inside out!

In her new book Clean Skin from Within, Dr. Cates shows you how to…

▻ Determine your skin type and better understand its root causes
▻ Nourish your body and your skin with recipes for collagen-boosting bone broths, antioxidant-rich salads, delicious smoothies, and more
▻ Whip up cleansers, toners, exfoliants, and masks with all-natural DIY formulas

Dr. Cates is also sharing 2 great bonuses. So, by the time you receive the book, you’ll already be on your way to radiant skin.
Grab this book for FREE (just pay S&H) plus these 2 bonuses!
Clean Skin From Within is LOADED with Recipes, Tips and Tools and you’ll get the CHEAT SHEET and VIDEO Bonuses when you pick up your copy TODAY!

There’s something I need to share with you.

If you’re going through each and every day feeling like you won’t be able to take another step,
Wondering if you’ll have enough energy to make it through the day,
And it never (ever!) gets any better…
There’s a chance you could have a thyroid condition.

Before you say, “wait, no way!” let’s look at some hard truths.

Approximately 30% of the population will get a thyroid related condition in their lifetimes.
The likeliness is slightly higher if you’re a woman.
And 60% of those people who will have thyroid disease,
They won’t ever know what’s making them so sick.
Thyroid disease and its many different types and conditions is far, far more common than you might think – and it’s one of the most often misdiagnosed medical conditions on the planet. Furthermore, the treatments offered by conventional medicine are seriously lacking, but there are solutions that no one really knows about- I want to change that.
Even if you’ve never even considered the idea that you might have a thyroid problem, I urge you to take a minute and watch the trailer to an explosive new documentary.

It’s called The Thyroid Secret and the World Premier will be released on March 1st – Absolutely FREE for everyone to watch online!

Watch the trailer now and reserve your spot for the main event!
If not you… then who? Look around you, if 30% of the population has a condition, who do you know who might be silently suffering? Share this link with them!