Did You Know One in 10 Women with a Chronic Condition Turn to Acupuncture for relief?

It is interesting to read studies that show Chinese medicine and acupuncture attracts women who align with these healthy lifestyle choices. The most significant users tend to be non-smokers.
Younger women tap into the benefits of Acupuncture for: endometriosis, low iron levels, anxiety disorder and/or chronic fatigue syndrome. The majority of middle-aged women consult an acupuncturist for: Low iron levels, anxiety disorder, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and/or arthritis.

Keep Calm and Get Acupuncture!

This is an ancient Oriental healing technique developed more than three thousand years ago based on Taoist philosophy. Santa Fe Soul’s practitioners offer comprehensive treatments and complimentary therapies.
This Center for Optimal Health aims to balance energy meridians, allowing the body to heal itself.
Did you know acupuncture is relatively painless?
As most know today, acupuncture is administered by inserting fine needles at key points on the body relating to various organs – in order to alleviate pain, relieve muscular, neurological and arthritic problems, and help overcome disease. Santa Fe Soul’s practitioners offer comprehensive Acupuncture treatments with a variety of other therapies.
Call 505.474.8555 or stop in for your appointment if you are looking for natural solutions that deal with:
Adrenal health
Brian Optimization
Chronic Health Challenges
Detox & Digestion
Hormonal Balance
Sleep Disorders
Weight Resistance
Natural Aesthetics
Sexual Health
Lyme disease

Share the benefits of Acupuncture

Dr. Robyn Benson and her team have had success helping others each and every day. Read more about how Robyn has helped Mark’s health progress positively; Dr. Kevin’s praises of her intent as an experienced practitioner; and Tracy’s successful process to get back to balance after extreme stress; Keira’s quick recovery to heal her torn calf muscle; Patricia’s realignment after dealing with a herniated disk; and how Wilbert’s turned around his drop foot and shoulder pain into a thing of the past.

Dr. Robyn Benson