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Stay cool and healthy this summer…
Hi friends of Santa Fe Soul!
The kick off to summer has been a sizzler that’s for sure! Be sure to eat foods that help cool the body and hydrate you for the best summer yet! Dr. Robyn Benson recommends to stay away from any wheat, dairy, or sugar to prevent inflammation in the body as well.
We want to remind you Robyn will be going out of town July 22st for another healthy traveling adventure (Iceland, Norway, Sweden…) so be sure to call and make your appointment to get your tune up for the summer. Great news Dr. Christi Alsop, acupuncturist, will be covering Robyn’s schedule while she is out of town! Our patients love Dr. Christi!
If you too are traveling this summer, get your healthy dose of IV Vitamin C to boost your immunity, and to get rid of any flu-like symptoms. Feeling run down from all of that fun you had over the weekend? Schedule for an acupuncture appointment and get your Myers Cocktail to get your full dose of vitamins to get your energy back. 
You can now get the book version of Robyn’s best selling book (and $350 in bonuses) The Healthy Conscious Traveler here or come by and get a signed copy.  Make this your healthiest and best travel summer ever!

Also check out our new Rayonex treatment from Europe. To see all the offerings at Santa Fe Soul from our caring and talented practitioners check here.
If you’re overdue for a Prolozone treatment, try to schedule before July 21st. Dr. Benson is taking all appointments for Prolozone, Skin Pen, Cold Laser, and Acupuncture NOW. Hurry and make your appointment because she will be gone for 3 weeks! Get your self-care with some added boosts and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way this summer! 
Much love from Santa Fe Soul and Felicia Valdez

SFS Ambassador~
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