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Dear ~Contact.Name,~
2016 is the year of your cellular health! It’s important to know how this matters in your overall vitality. Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of keeping your cells hydrated, oxygenated, and electric so you are able to thrive. 
Did you know it’s Folic Acid awareness week? This important B vitamin supports cellular health in so many ways such as:
  • A deficiency of Folic Acid can inhibit metabolic processes. The decreased ability of the body to metabolize DNA interferes with the development of rapidly dividing cells.
  • Experts believe Folic Acid might play an important role in heart health as well as preventing cell changes that may lead to cancer.
  • Folic Acid also helps keep your blood healthy and not getting enough can cause anemia.
  • If you have Methyelation issues, make sure you are taking the right Folic acid.
I recommend my favorite 5-in-1 formula Oxylent. It’s a multi-vitamin that you pour into your water it tastes fabulous. Drink Oxylent everyday to:
  • Boost your levels of Folate as well as B vitamins
  • Vitamin C to keep that cold away!
  • Electrolytes & Magnesium perfect for pre-work out / post-work out
In this week’s Newsletter I am so proud and honored to be hosting the 2016 Winter of Wellness Summit. If you have not looked, definitely check out this amazing online event hosted by yours truly.  Listen to some of your favorites, Carolyn Myss, Gregg Braden, Don Miquel Ruiz Norm Shealy, Donna Eden share there most useful information!

Also my good friend JJ Virgin is giving away her New York Times Best Seller The VIrgin Diet for FREE along with 3 huge Gifts she picked just for you! I just heard there are only a few copies left.

Are you ready to become the CEO of your health? Introducing our brand new Body Optimization System Studio, where you become the B.O.S.S. of your health, longevity, and vitality. We are open for Early Bird Registration, get your membership now at a discounted rate before prices go up! Call us for more information on how you can become a B.O.S.S of your health, 505-474-8555.

From your WoW 2016 host,
Robyn Benson,
and the staff and the Practitioners of Santa Fe Soul

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Are you over-stressed, weary of workout fads or confused by endless nutrition advice that claims to have THE answer?


Do you struggle to find an effective mind-body practice that can help you heal illness or imbalances, increase your vitality and support you in navigating daily life with greater ease and grace?


If so, I hope you’ll join me for the Winter of Wellness. I’m very honored to be your host along with 40+ leading doctors, teachers and healers sharing proven methods and insights that will put you on a holistic path to radiant health and a deep sense of well-being.  


Free Online Event

Winter of Wellness

January  19 – March 18, 2016


Joining me for this unique, season-long series are Dave Asprey, Caroline Myss, don Miguel Ruiz, John Gray, Donna Eden, Alberto Villoldo, Skai Juice, Pedram Shojai, JJ Virgin, Gregg Braden and many other top experts in their fields.

What’s most exciting about this year’s Winter of Wellness is that it features four essential areas that will open you to new levels of health and wellness: Food for Life, Integrating Mind & Body, Nourishing Heart & Soul, and Experiencing Longevity & Vitality.


RSVP here for Winter of Wellness — at no charge!


Here’s what you’ll discover:  

  • An accessible, integrative approach to optimal health that honors you as a WHOLE person
  • The latest science and research on disease prevention and anti-aging therapies
  • New ways of eating that increase your energy, immunity and happiness
  • Practices that apply ancient wisdom for revitalizing your body, mind and soul
  • Knowledge of plant-based alternatives for your diet and treating illness

And SO much more….

I hope you’ll join us and discover how you can become the best possible YOU in 2016 and beyond!


For more details and to register, visit the Winter of Wellness Information page here.

Yours truly,


PS –  As an individual, you’ll come away from this life-changing event with invaluable insights to elevate your own health, as well as your family’s. And if you’re a healing professional or a coach, you’ll discover breakthrough insights and practices to share with your clients.

Practitioners Tips
Happy New Year’s !! I am so excited about 2016. Hope you are too. This week we are celebrating all the wonderful thing Folic Acid can do for you. Folic acid really is an amazing vitamin. Taking 400-600mcg daily can improve your DNA, revitalize your red blood cells, and improve you fertility. Also, a new study from John Hopkins Center states that Folic acid, or vitamin B9, can aid in the management of allergic reactions and allergy symptoms. So, start your New Year’s off right come get an acupuncture treatment and your Oxylent,Bio-B complex or B-12 Folic Acid combo.

Christi Alsop, DOM 


You may have heard the buzz that my good friend JJ Virgin is giving away the paperback version of her newly released book The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days for FREE. When you pay just $6.95 shipping and handling, you’ll receive the book free (a $15 value) and immediately get three amazing gifts worth $35. Check it all out here.



GIFT #1: Gift Card for The Virgin Store ($10 Value): To make things easier and help you see results faster, JJ is giving you a $10 gift card toward anything in The Virgin Store, including shakes, supplements, bars, and more.

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GIFT #3: Rock Your New Year with Intentioning Guide ($9 VALUE): In this powerful guide, you’re going to discover a tool to help you set and reach your loftiest goals. Plus, you’ll learn 7 tips for setting goals and a 3-step implementation process that will help you up-level your goal setting, rock your resolutions, and help you transform your dreams into reality!

JJ’s book and all these gifts are worth $50, and you get it all by paying only $6.95 shipping and handling. I suggest you grab a copy of The Virgin Diet and all the amazing gifts while JJ is still giving them away. Here’s all the details:


CLICK HERE To Get JJ’s Book For FREE (and Over $35 In Gifts!)


Enjoy your gifts!

Robyn Benson, DOM

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Did you miss this Podcast?! Listen HERE now and join The Spa Doctor, Dr. Trevor Cates & Robyn Benson! In this podcast she shares:
  • The fundamentals of Chinese medicine
  • What to look for in a Chinese medicine practitioner
  • Tips for staying healthy while traveling

Be sure to tune in and learn about the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine  

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Introduces the Body Optimization System Studio
Featuring the Leading-Edge in Advanced Healing Technology including:
  • PorterVision 
  • LiveO2 Altitude Contrast
  • Tesla Energy Technology
  • Photon-Genius & Photon-Genie 
  • Mercola Vitamin D Vitality Bed
  • Nano Vi Cellular Oxygenation Systems
  • and much more….

To learn more about how to become the B.O.S.S. of your health, schedule an appointment with Dr. Robyn Benson 505-986-1089. Learn more here.  

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