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Dear Santa Fe Community,
Imagine the buzz of being surrounded by your favorite health, fitness, mind-power, business, nutrition, and over-all high-performance gurus in a room full of like-minded people… all focused on reaching a state of peak performance and then sharing their successes so you can follow in their footsteps. Imagine how much quicker you could unlock the secrets to working at your highest capacity, if you could just walk up and ask the foremost expert in the field. Imagine spending 3 days surrounded by people just like you, there to unlock all the most powerful biohacking secrets (so far discovered!).

You can stop imagining now… it’s a reality…

The 3rd Annual Biohacking Conference is already gearing up to be the biggest, most high-tech, and fascinating convergence of biohacking experts and celebrity keynote speakers who’ve ever come together to reveal the secrets of successfully biohacking your sleep, you fitness, your brain, your weight and nutrition, and so much more.


From October 23-25, in Pasadena, CA., Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM along with Thomas Myers, will unload a treasure trove of cutting-edge information. Along with many other speakers they will share what will help you achieve peak-performance in any area of life where you seek massive results.


And that’s just a tiny hint of what to expect!


See for yourself HERE


With much love and gratitude,

from Santa Fe Soul &
Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM

Founder and Director of Santa Fe Soul
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Bulletproof BioHacking

Conference 2015


Detox at Santa Fe Soul

Acupuncture & Menopause

Events in our

Sun Room

LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy
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Love Notes and Ancient Teachings #4

In recent conversation with friends about desires to be rescued and begging prayers, I began to see more clearly that one way I was taught to pray was by begging. Begging someone bigger and outside of me to do something for me that I actually have the ability to participate in…the ability to co-create. I decided to turn my attention to my language for a couple of days as I manifested and engaged in other spiritual practices. When I explore these childhood teachings I find that begging and wanting to be rescued comes from a sense of powerlessness. A feeling of being stuck or of stuffing away the desire to experience something…. more.

The Ways of Balance

Barbara Culbertson

Shaman, Ka Ta See Tradition


Acupuncture Cools Breast Cancer Hot Flashes

This is a wonderful news article courtesy of Medscape. Dr. Robyn Benson, as well as Dr. Christi Alsop, both specialize in Women’s Health at Santa Fe Soul. Their patients have seen dramatic benefits for hormones using acupuncture. The heat of breast-cancer-related hot flashes can be effectively diminished with an ancient Chinese medical practice infused with a dash of modernity, suggests research published online August 24 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Read more here….
Advanced Healing Technology

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Did you know? That our Photon-Genius Infrared Sauna burns up to 700 calories under only one 30 minute treatment? That is a significant result! Did you also know that the Photon-Genius is a great therapy for longevity, pain, and empowers your body’s immune system! Wow! Call us to set up your appointment!
When: Saturday September 26th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Santa Fe Soul Sun Room
Cost: $15
Creating a symphony of sound that holds you, supports and nurtures you as we take you on a journey of uniting the masculine and feminine energies in all of us. (Learn More…)
When: Sunday September 27th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 
Where: Santa Fe Soul Sun Room
Cost: $50 please register here
Learn the Sacred Alchemy of Consciousness and turn your life into happiness and peace. Get liberated from Karmic laws and start resonating with higher Universal principle laws. (Learn More…)
When: Thursday October 1st from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: Santa Fe Soul Sun Room
Cost: $15.00/per person. I will not turn away those wishing to learn who are unable to pay. Please contact me if this is the case.
When we practice the art of Compassionate Communication, we learn so much about ourselves and our intentions, our feelings and needs, and our concerns and cares. We learn too about how we perceive others and how their ways (words, actions, behaviors) can stimulate in us either peace or anxiety, love or hatred, acceptance or disappointment. (Learn More…)
Ongoing Events in the Sun Room
Mondays from 5:30 –  6:45 PM
Michal teaches conscious awareness, being present to your journey of mind, body, breath. She combines several Yoga traditions, along with Qigong, breathing, and imagining to create a full body-mind experience. Are you coming back from your Yoga practice? Are you coming back from an injury or illness? Are you interested in learning Yoga as a wellness practice? THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!
Contact: Michal Curry 505-501-9300
Cost: $15 drop-ins & 5 classes for $10 when you pay $50
Wednesdays from 10:30 – 12 PM
Join us for an eclectic blend of Qigong, gentle Yoga and Shamanic healing. Cultivate energy and consciousness for physical, emotional and spiritual health and self-realization. Nourish a profound sense of stability, inner strength and deep relaxation.
Cost : First class is FREE then $12
Contact : Allison: 505-984-8733
Please check the Event Calendar on our website for more information on other ongoing classes and events:   


And don’t forget: The Sun Room is available to rent for all of your events, classes and gatherings for only $40 per hour! Call 474-8555 and ask for Felicia to request a tour or to schedule your next event.

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