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Dear Santa Fe Soul Community,
When you think of the holidays, does it give you that warm fuzzy feeling? Or do you dread the stress and craze that hectic consumerism brings? If you are traveling to visit family abroad or in town, do not stress! Dr. Robyn Benson has valuable stress-free hacks that will have you singing and smiling through the holidays.
Also, consider getting a much needed facial with Suzanne Kessler, a kinesiology assessment with Dr. David Bellows or an unforgettable massage with Paula Valdez.  If you are ready for a new look, book a hair-style visit with Dee Dee Adams. Visit here to find out more about our practitioners.

Have a fantastic weekend!

With love from Robyn and the SFS family!
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  • Want to learn the secrets of PEMF?
  • “It’s the most stressful time of the year”
  • The Gauss Master – A must-have for every home

We invite you to our latest webinar, this coming Monday, Nov. 23 5 PM PST (8PM EST)

 “Becoming The Limitless You,” with Dr. Robyn Benson and Thomas Myers. In this webinar you will learn revolutionary ways this 

technology helps pre/post surgery, pre-atheletic events, for dog, cats, horses and to energize your drinking water.    

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy and how it can help you to:


*reduce pain and inflammation 

*increase your energy 

*ensure restorative rest

 *you recover from jet lag quickly 

*protect you from the damage of the negative and unnatural EMF pollution 

*reduce stress in your body

*to bring the power of nature into your home and body!

BONUS info…


With every purchase of an iMRS or Omnium 1 you get:

 1. A signed copy of Robyn’s book: The Healthy Conscious Traveler! ($25 value)

2.  A free Gauss Master!

($40 value)


Join Robyn and Tom for a FREE full day of training 9-4pm  Jan 9, 2016...

Everything You Want to Know about PEMF at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health!




The promos for the month of November are:

with the purchase of an iMRS Complete you get a free Pro upgrade and a free iSLRS (Sound and Light – Brain Entrainment). This is a rare offer and a savings of over $1500!

With the purchase of an Omnium basic system you get a free Omni Spot which is a savings of $600.


Don’t miss this EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Benson and Thomas Myers!

Practitioner Tips
Have you seen Dr. Benson’s recent blog? You’ll love her newest post sharing her top health tips for avoiding stress this holiday season. Know that you can travel with ease during this season and arrive at your destination with vibrant health, including a strong immune system that resists jet lag, illness and other travel-related problems. (Continue Reading…)

Advanced Healing Technology

The Gauss Master
This little meter measures the unhealthy levels of magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! The easy to read scale, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find hidden sources of harmful frequency magnetic fields. For sale now at Santa Fe Soul these amazing gadgets are only $40 for you to take home. Want more info? Give us a call at 505-986-1089
When: November 21st from 10 am to 4:30 pm
Where: Santa Fe Soul
Cost: $100 for new journeyers; $75 for returning journeyers

Learn the core shamanic journey technique, which allows safe, respectful spiritual travel between ego-consciousness and non-physical dimensions.

To Returning Journeyers: Please join us and renew your connection with your helping spirits and Source energy. (Learn More…)

Deeper in Empathy – Understanding our Trigger
Where: Santa Fe Soul
When: December 3rd from 6 pm to 8 pm
Cost: $15
In this workshop, we will explore what it’s like to be the “other” person, the person who is aggravating us, frustrating us, annoying us, or otherwise making life very difficult for us. By doing this, we can go deeper into our healing for our own pain because not only are we able to understand the other person more, but we are also opening up our own capacity for loving ourselves more.
(Learn More…)
Where: Santa Fe Soul
When: December 5th from 10 am to 5 pm, then again on Dec. 6th from 10 am to 5 pm
Cost: $325
Award-winning author and channel Paul Selig will lead a deeply transformational, channeled workshop where you will work directly with his Guides to achieve new levels of healing, self-awareness and life purpose. 
Through channeled lectures, Q&A, attunements, energy activations and empathic work, Paul and his Guides will lead you through a program to awaken your divine spirit and maintain higher levels of consciousness.
Where: Santa Fe Soul – NOT IN SUNROOM for DEC. 6th will be in Lobby
When: Sunday December 6th from 10 am to 10:30 am
Cost: Free
HU is an ancient and universal word for God that can be sung or chanted to help bring solace in troubling times, find inner harmony, and experience a more direct connection with the universal life force and one’s true self.
Ongoing Events in the Sun Room
Mondays from 5:30 –  6:45 PM
Michal teaches conscious awareness, being present to your journey of mind, body, breath. She combines several Yoga traditions, along with Qigong, breathing, and imagining to create a full body-mind experience. Are you coming back from your Yoga practice? Are you coming back from an injury or illness? Are you interested in learning Yoga as a wellness practice? THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!
Contact: Michal Curry 505-501-9300
Cost: $15 drop-ins & 5 classes for $10 when you pay $50
Tuesdays from 5:30 – 6:30
Tai Chi Chuan is a slow moving, meditative, martial art good for health, relaxation and self-defense. Originally from China, Tai Chi was initially developed to improve health and promote longevity. Learn more here…
Wednesdays from 10:30 – 12 PM
Join us for an eclectic blend of Qigong, gentle Yoga and Shamanic healing. Cultivate energy and consciousness for physical, emotional and spiritual health and self-realization. Nourish a profound sense of stability, inner strength and deep relaxation.
Cost : First class is FREE then $12
Contact : Allison: 505-984-8733
Please check the Event Calendar on our website for more information on other ongoing classes and events:   

 Feel free to share the information in this Newsletter on FB, Twitter, or with anyone you know who would benefit. We appreciate when you POST, LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE so others can begin their self-healing journey!

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