Pellets Peptides & Patient Centered Care with Matthew Moody, NP“I provide patient directed care. If you are my patient, you will be my absolute focus. I will listen, examine you, and together we will discover the root cause of the issue, and begin to take an optimal plan of action. “
—Matthew Moody
Nurse Practitioner (NP) – New Provider at Santa Fe Soul (SFS) Center for Regenerative Medicine
YOUNGER Podcast Episode Summary:
Have you ever heard of peptides or pellets? If yes, you will enjoy this episode. If you no, then this is your opportunity to listen and learn more from Matthew Moody who will be helpful to you either way.
Taking the natural approach to health requires that we begin to recognize the body has the ability to make its own peptides. They are short protein chains of amino acids.
Peptides serve your body’s most important and necessary processes, such as digestion, how your body uses energy from the food you eat, helps indicate how hungry you feel, how your hormones work, and cell movement. Peptide hormones and neuropeptides are the fundamental signaling molecules that mediate cell-to-cell communication.
Pellets have become an innovative custom-compounded therapy used for symptoms that are generated from a hormone imbalance. On this episode of YOUNGER you will learn the importance of top-quality sources only certain healthcare practitioners use which can significantly help a patient save money and more importantly, provide the best, efficient outcome for them when using these therapies.
Listen and learn from Matthew. Let’s help you find out how these therapies can be a good option for you to live an improved, and vital life of regeneration.
“The quality and sourcing of peptides and pellets can help in the delivery and absorption. This can absolutely makes a significant difference for patients’ and will provide real results.”
— Matthew Moody, NP
Key Qs we will answer for you on this New YOUNGER Podcast Episode:
What are peptides? … what are pellets?
How can they help improve your health?
Are they safe to use?
What is the main function of peptides? … of pellets?
Are there pros and cons to these therapies?
Is there a difference between peptides and steroids?
Can hormone pellets help you focus on fighting belly fat?
How are they administered?
Is there any risk to just try them?
Does anything happen to you if you decide to stop using them?
“Peptides are the absolute building blocks to better living and good health.”
Listen and learn, then let’s get to work!
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