Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help improve your sexual functioning, treat joint injuries, and enhance your physical features. The versatile substance is available for many treatments at Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Integrative medicine specialist Robyn Benson, DOM, and her team assess your goals and can help you decide if PRP treatments are right for you. For more information about PRP and its applications, call Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine or book an appointment online today.

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Why Dr. Robyn Benson loves doing PRP’s

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a substance that comes from your own body and helps heal damaged tissues and cells. PRP consists of several components present in your blood, but it isn’t the same as blood.

To make PRP, the team at Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine draws a sample of your blood and places it into a centrifuge to process it. The spinning motion of the centrifuge causes your blood to separate into layers. The team combines the plasma, or liquid part of your blood, with the concentrated layer of platelets to make PRP. 

The plasma allows your blood to flow, and it makes PRP an injectable liquid substance. The platelets in your blood are responsible for clotting your blood after an injury and releasing growth factors to aid in healing. 

Which treatments are available using PRP?

Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine offers several treatments and services using PRP to reduce your need for pharmaceuticals, fillers, and other unnatural substances. Based on your treatment goals, the team might recommend:


The famed Orgasm Shot, or O-Shot, is a sexual rejuvenation treatment for women. PRP injections in your vaginal area can help improve your sexual functioning and treat symptoms like inadequate lubrication or a lack of sensation.


The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot, is like the O-Shot but for men. PRP shots in your penis can help treat erectile dysfunction, penile curvature, and poor sexual performance. 

Vampire Facelift®

During a Vampire Facelift, the team injects a combination of PRP and dermal fillers into your facial tissues to reduce wrinkles and enhance facial volume. 

Vampire Breast Lift®

If your breasts are flat, saggy, or lack blood flow, PRP injections with a Vampire Breast Lift can improve their appearance and even restore their touch sensitivity.

Vampire Wing Lift™

Like the O-Shot, a Vampire Wing Lift is a PRP treatment for women. The injections include PRP and a small amount of hyaluronic acid filler to lift and reshape your labia for a more youthful outward appearance. 

Vampire Hairlift®

During a Vampire Hairlift, your provider injects PRP into targeted areas of your scalp to stimulate dormant hair follicles and encourage them to start growing healthy hair again.

PRP joint injections

If you have an injury causing pain or stiffness in your joint, PRP may be a suitable treatment. A PRP joint injection helps reduce inflammation and makes healing faster. 

What are the benefits of using PRP in my treatment?

The team at Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine can help you explore the benefits of using PRP in your treatment plan. PRP treatments are extremely safe because the substance comes from your own body. That means there is no chance of an allergic reaction to PRP itself and a very low chance of infection. The team uses safe practices to draw your blood, derive PRP from it, and inject the substance.

To find out if PRP is an appropriate addition to your treatment plan, call Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine, or schedule your consultation online today.